The Central Market

The Central Market

The project to construct a building for public market in Almería is old, initially being thought in the construction of a market in the center of the old town, thus protecting which was celebrated in the Plaza of the Constitution at the beginning of the decade 1840.

The appearance in the second half of the nineteenth of a bourgeois expansion to the east of the city, cornered build projects in the old town, prospering the idea of placing it in the area of residence of the local bourgeoisie.

Thus, in the extension of Paseo project, designed by architect Jose Marin Baldo in 1860, he was reserved in the center of widening lift, a plot for the construction of a public market and fishmonger. Since then, some projects do not come to fruition until the project works to Trinidad Cuartara Cassinello was awarded in 1892, succeed.

Its location was the most suitable, near the confluence of two major thoroughfares of bourgeois expansion, Bishop Street Orberá and Paseo open to it through a street that for this purpose projected (street Aguilar de Campo) at the bottom of the main facade it would stand.

The market has been preserved virtually intact to this day. In 1982 he carried out a major restoration. Construction, which is included within the Iron Architecture, became almost whole of this material, except the basement and the flag of the main facade rose with masonry factory, brick and stone. The armor covers is metallic and the closure of the facings made from blinds and windows. On the home front, the street Aguilar de Campo, is represented the symbol of abundance, a female figure with a basket of fruit.