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Almeria holds a great cultural wealth that often goes unnoticed in the eyes of tourists. If its capital is a fascinating city, throughout the province you will find an endless number of small towns, of great charm and natural beauty, which offer very picturesque and highly recommended versions.

Escultura de la Espera de Almería

The wait

Bronze sculpture by Javier Huecas, conducted in 2008, which portrays a woman dedicated to housework in an attitude of…

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Estatua del beato Diego Ventaja

Statue of Blessed Diego Ventaja

Diego Advantage Milan, was a almeriense cleric, who was born in Ohanes and was bishop of the city. He was killed at…

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Estatua a Nicolás Salmerón en Almería

Statue of Nicolas Salmeron

Nicolas Salmeron is undoubtedly one of the most famous people of Almería. It was among other things president of the…

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Estatua de la Caridad en Almería

Statue of Charity

The Statue of Universal Charity, known as the “woman with children” or “mother with her children” is a work of Almeria…

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Estatua a John Lennon en Almería

Statue of John Lennon

Component dedicated to The Beatles in memory of their stay in the city of Almeria during the filming of the movie How I…

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Estatua a Alfredo Kraus en Almería

Statue of Alfredo Kraus

Almeria city stands the statue of “Alfredo Kraus in his sublime creation of Werther” in honor of the master of bel…

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esculturas el saludo turismo almeria uai - Turismo Almería

The greeting

The Wave is a sculpture made of sheet by Miguel Moreno (1995) and represents the bodies of a man and a woman. It is in…

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escultura a los donantes sangre turismo almeria uai - Turismo Almería

Blood Donors

Marble sculpture representing a drop of blood by Rodrigo Valero (2003). It is on Avenida Federico Garcia Lorca.

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Busto del Padre Ballarín

Bust of Father Ballarín

This bust is dedicated to the Father Ballarín, Prior of the Dominicans. Ballarín was seeing the progressive…

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