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Almeria holds a great cultural wealth that often goes unnoticed in the eyes of tourists. If its capital is a fascinating city, throughout the province you will find an endless number of small towns, of great charm and natural beauty, which offer very picturesque and highly recommended versions.

la alcazaba de almeria turismo uai - Turismo Almería

The Alcazaba Fortress

The Alcazaba, with its 1430 m. walled perimeter is Spain’s second largest Muslim construction, after the Alhambra…

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la chanca pescaderia almeria uai - Turismo Almería

The Aljibe Neighbourhood (Al-Hawd)

This quarter, currently Pescadería-La Chanca, was the old Muslim quarter Al-Hawd, which means “water tank”. this name…

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calle de las tiendas almeria turismo uai - Turismo Almería

Las Tiendas Street (Street of shops)

This Arabic street originates from a second Jewish quarter that arose around the 11th Century outside the walls of the…

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