Almeria Card

Almeria card

Almería Card is a card that contains all the promotions and offers for the cultural and leisure facilities of the city, within an integrated manner, so you can all enjoy Almería.

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Almería Card

What does offer you?

The card offers a number of discounts and trade benefits for many tourist attractions within the city of Almeria and its surroundings, including businesses and private establishments. Thus, the Almeria Card offers special benefits in visiting monuments of the city, including museums and the Civil War Shelters, as well as hotels, restaurants and bars, drinking bars, shops of various kinds and tourist establishments, such as the El Toyo Golf Club and even outside the city, the Water Park and Aquarium of Roquetas de Mar.

In addition, it is a ‘live’ card, that over time will incorporate new benefits, as other sectors and other companies adhere to its package of services and benefits.

Who can acquire?

The Almería Card is open to anyone who wants to benefit from its commercial advantages. Visitors can find it a great way to enjoy Almería, with significant discounts on their most attractive and exclusive establishments. Meanwhile, Almeria, also have open this possibility of obtaining commercial advantages in their own city. Quality tourism for everyone, including Almeria.

The Almería Card has two functions. One is a tourist bonus, which is available for seven days at a price of five euros or for fifteen days at a price of ten euros. And the other is a financial debit card via Almería Cajamar Card – with it can access all the advantages and trade discounts for a year and a price of ten euros.

How and when to acquire?

The Almería Card, a debit card can be purchased in all offices of Cajamar bank, both in Almería and in other Spanish cities. The tourist voucher can be purchased at the Almeria Municipal Tourist Office.
Download now the Almeria Card Services listing

How to use it?

It’s simple, when pay for drinks, shows the Almeria Card, as both a financial card or as a tourist voucher, in order for you to get your discounts and promotions from those companies associated with the project.