Playas de Almería


In the municipality of Almeria they are possibly some of the roughest contrasts around the Mediterranean coastline, with beaches offer something for everyone. Undoubtedly, the beaches of the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata are perhaps the most mysterious, whilst they have become increasingly famous; but at its side, the beaches of the capital have been placed at the forefront in terms of services and quality, not forgetting El Toyo, a tourist pearl of the city.

From East to West

Playa de El Corralete Corralete Cabo de Gata
Playa de la Fabriquilla Fabriquilla Cabo de Gata
Playa de Monteleva Almadraba Monteleva Cabo de Gata
Playa de las Salinas Salinas Cabo de Gata
Playa de San Miguel de Cabo de Gata San Miguel Cabo de Gata
Playa de las Amoladeras Amoladeras Cabo de Gata
Playa de Torregarcía Torregarcía Retamar
Playa de Retamar Retamar Retamar
Playa del Toyo El Toyo Retamar
Playa del Perdigal Perdigal El Alquian
Playa de Costacabana Costacabana Almería
Playa de Nueva Almería New Almería Almería
Playa de San Miguel de Almería (El Zapillo) San Miguel Almería
Playa de las Olas en Almería Las Olas Almería
Playa del Faro de San Telmo, Almería San Telmo Almería
Playa La Garrofa de Almería Garrofa Almería