Centre for Heritage Interpretation

This Heritage Interpretation Center C.I.P. Almeria is located in Plaza Vieja or Plaza de la Constitution.
Admission to the museum is free and he will know and appreciate the history of the city of Almeria. In in the historic center, it is structured in an informative ground floor and three floors centered respectively in the Muslim Almería; Contemporary Christian and Almeria; Today and Almeria.

Interactive tour in which the visitor is accompanied by the characters, monuments and major historical events of each step is performed. explains the keys to understanding what happened in each of these historical moments, how it affected the evolution of the city and how they influence contemporary culture.

In turn, in every age it has designed a ‘Timeline’, that compares the main passages of history in Almeria, Spain and the world.

Furthermore, in its upper terrace you have a gazebo where you can enjoy beautiful views of the Plaza Vieja, the port of Almeria and the impressive citadel of the city.


  • TUESDAY TO SATURDAY: Mornings from 10,30 to 13,30. Afternoons from 18,00 to 21,00.
  • SUNDAY: Mornings from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm.





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