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Plaza Juan Casinello

Juan Cassinello

1849 - 1924

Juan Cassinello, born in 1849, was doctor of Civil and Canon Law. He was a member of Parliament for Almeria, senator in 1896 and member of Parlaiment in 1898 and chief of the Democratic party.

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Bild: Im Zentrum von Almería befindet sich ihm zu Ehren die Plaza Juan Cassinello, die auch als Plaza del Educador bekannt ist.

It is said in his family circles, that Juan Casinello had a very heated discussion with another politician to the point that they even threw their gloves at each other to duel. As Casinello was a practising Catholic, he could not accept the duel, therefore he moved to Granada. Once in Granada, he became the Civil Law head of department of the Law School until he died in 1924. He published several Law books; before leaving for Granada he participated actively in the assemblies to promote the completion of the Circulo Mercantil (mercantile association building) and the future construction of the Cervantes theatre.

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