House of the poet Jose Angel Valente

Jose Angel Valente was a poet, novelist, essayist and one of the most renowned Spanish intellectuals during the first half of the twentieth century. He lived in big cities like Madrid, Paris, Oxford or Geneva, but I just choosing Almería as a residence for the last fifteen years. He felt what he called “the irrevocable call light.”

This space-the place of poet thereafter set a presence on the legacy of his work which is manifested in the influence of a southern city and its light in his poetry. Here is Valente this house or, in his words, the house finds him: “It is not known exactly who chose who, if I chose the house or the house came to me.” From the first moment he actively participated in the city life, becoming involved in many projects of cultural, artistic and social character; but also it expanded this activity to other areas of Almeria geography, as evidenced by his defense of Natural Park Cabo de Gata-of whose Board was integrante- or collaboration with photographers like Jeanne Chevalier or Manuel Falces.

La Casa del Poeta, through its various spaces and thematic areas, is a journey through the life and poetry of Jose Angel Valente, stopping at the most important aspects that shaped the one and the other, in an attempt to accessible and highlight the importance of his figure in the panorama of contemporary Spanish letters, and to establish the mutual influence exerted on Valente-and vice versa Almeria and larelación the poet with the other arts. A confluence of what was always an intense defender.



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