The history of Almeria is closely linked to cinema, especially since the 1960s. The landscapes and the excellent climate have turned Almeria into one of the most demanded ‘natural sets’ in the film industry. The Alcazaba, the beaches and the unique buildings have been the setting for some classic films that are already part of the great successes.


Almería and its province are without doubt of national and international reference for our country filming of movies. Our landscapes, our light, good weather and our monuments make Almería an ideal location for outdoor recording. And although many people believe Tabernas and Cabo de Gata Natural Park, Nijar are the main locations, Almería city has hosted the filming of many scenes of the major productions that have been shot in the province.

Thus, within the city can be enjoyed locations of big productions. Almería was a magical place in Conan the Barbarian (Alcazaba of Almeria), represented Messina in Patton (Parque Nicolas Salmeron, estate of Santa Isabel and the Cathedral), Hatay in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (School of Arts of Almeria and La Medina ) Cairo in Lawrence of Arabia (Parque Nicolas Salmeron) and Tangiers in the wind and the Lion (Parque Nicolas Salmeron and Antiguo Cultural Casino).

Today, Almeria has also been filming location of Game of Thrones and Risen, both of which have used the Alcazaba to recreate the universe of George R. R. Martin and Jerusalem death of Jesus Christ.

You can learn more about the film of our capital’s film routes and La Casa del Cinema, where the museum tells the story of cinema in the province of Almeria and was home of John Lennon during the filming of How I Won the War.


A stretch of the street poet Villaespesa is called Walk of Fame Almería , which pays tribute to the actors and leading filmmakers who have worked in the province.

Patrick Wayne, Omar Sharif, Ridley Scott, Denis O´Dell, Ángela Molina, Terry Gullian y Schwarzenegger, are among the names shown in these stars of fame.

Besides the Walk of Fame has an application it allows to know the biography of each actor brings his star on augmented reality.


Casa del cine - Jonh Lenon - Almería

Know the House of Cinema

It is an old farmhouse where home-elesplendor the world of celluloid recalled in Almería. Dated in 1866 built on the outskirts of the city, remodeled and enlarged in the twentieth century, and its first inhabitants the Balmas family and descendants.