Ramón Fernández-Pacheco Monterreal
Mayor of Almería

It is not easy to tell why Almería is a place in the Mediterranean that nobody should miss. Logically, it is much more effective and easy to see, touch, smell it, taste it, hear it, feel it and enjoy it.

But as our obligation, that of the almerienses in general and mine, as mayor, is trying to stop anyone feel invited to dive into the sea of sensations we know as Almeria in the company Municipal Almería Tourist have decided to launch the world this website web as well as some branches, such as their pages on social networks Facebook and Twitter.

Here and there, visitors will find sobrenuestros information origins and our culture, about places to visit and experiences to live, about our traditions, our cuisine and spectacular beauty in the form of amalgam of contrasts, we make a small universe cultures and resources for tourists.

Muslim, baroque, Christian, film, sun and beach, indoor, desert and mountains, monumental and gastronomic, congress, museums, events Almeria and, ultimately, the Almería open to the world, sincere and friendly opens its doors through this window to the world for ‘love of Almería’ name we have given to our pages on Facebook and Twitter, they are willing to sing our attractive and bring them wherever there is a person, whatever his origin, to become your destination.

Welcome to Almería, love all !!