Almería film

Almería film

Ran a summer of early fifties when the city had its first serious contact with major filmmaking. The Spanish production called deÁfrica (César Fernández Ardavín, 1951) would roll in the capital’s port and beach The sandy Blanca, curious scenes. But it was undoubtedly the French production “eye for an eye” (André Cayatte, 1956) which portrayed the capital as a true African set: Hangers, Fishing, Cerro San Cristobal…

From that time until today, hundreds of productions, both national and international, thought they had found Cairo (Lawrence of Arabia), Tangier (The Wind and the Lion), Iskenderun (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), Palermo and Messina ( Patton), Cape Town (Dust), Beirut (Duffy, the only one), Mesa Verde (Duck damn), Mexico City (Who knows?) … or even dreamlike or fantastic cities where they would live their adventures characters like Conan the barbarian, in a beautiful and idyllic town in southern love the sun and the sea Spain.

We have two specific routes, Route Film and the Film Totems. In making this second route, you will find information totems of films shot in each of the places as well as an original frame to compare the before and after location.

Currently, as Game of Thrones series and films like Risen (Risen) standing back to Almería as an important international film location.

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