Keep on enjoying exciting flavours at bars and restaurants safely during your trip by following the advice below.

How to minimise risks when eating at restaurants

Each destination has established opening and closing times, maximum capacities and the safety distance applicable in bars and restaurants. Additionally, many establishments have also put extra measures in place to prevent contagion.

Wearing a face mask is mandatory (except for children under the age of 6) in all enclosed public spaces and enclosed spaces open to the public. It is not mandatory to wear a face mask outside, except at large outdoor events where attendees are standing. Or if when seated it is not possible to maintain the safety distance of 1.5 m (except in the case of members of the same household).

You too can help to reduce risk by following this advice.

1. Continue to enjoy the local cuisine 

Check to find out what measures have been adopted by the restaurant you want to go to. Restaurateurs have adapted their services to comply with the stipulations of the authorities aimed at guaranteeing your safety, and that of the other customers: separation of tables, closing or limiting the use of the bar area, etc. Many of them have also introduced additional safeguards for the protection of both customers and staff.

2. Face masks at meal times

To minimise the risk of infection, it is advisable to wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth for as much of the time as possible. When your food arrives at the table, take it off and enjoy, but it’s best to keep it on until your order is served, between dishes, and after your meal.

3. Check on the rules in place, and book in advance

At each destination the rules will vary in terms of maximum permitted occupancy, and the number of customers per table. Check trustworthy sources for information on the rules in force where you are. Furthermore, book early if possible, and choose less busy times. Eating on an outdoor terrace will also minimise risk. Be sure to check on the number of people permitted at one table – this will vary depending on local restrictions. A smaller group will always be safer.

10 Tips for enjoying bars and restaurants safely