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The Circle, founded between 1887 and 1899, had, together with the Ateneo, based in the Plaza de San Pedro. Subsequently, the two companies are separated. He was president of the company Mr. Ramon Orozco, belonging to an important family that during the second half of the nineteenth century boosted the mining business in Almeria. In 1900 the company opens store in the Paseo del Principe. Later in 1904, the Circle was in a building located again in the Plaza de San Pedro, having its permanent seat on the Paseo, in the building of the Cervantes Theater in the 1920s.

His current halls are home to all kinds of cultural, literary exhibitions and activities, as well as dance and year-end carnival. Its interior decoration is 1920. The Society had a great importance in the economic life of Almeria, interested in the development of the media should give wealth to the city railway, port, mining and agricultural technical improvements.

The construction forms part of the Teatro Cervantes. Specifically, the facade facing the Paseo de Almeria, is from the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Monumentalista presents a clear trend: large arches, balustraded balcony with details of a clear naturalism and stylization that approach the modernist trend, highlighting the lamp arms simulating sunflowers. It presents symbolic figurative motifs on its facade that hint at the building’s function: lyres, masks or relief of Cervantes.

Teatro Cervantes was one of the longest running projects of almeriense contemporary architectural period of the late nineteenth century. The start of construction dates back to 1866, coinciding with the requested permission from the construction company to City Hall. After a promising start, the works are stalled until 1898, when the architect Enrique López Rull, makes the plans for the current building. The works will not begin until 1910, and finally, who became the most important theater in the city, opened in 1921.

Address: Paseo de Almeria.


Circulo Mercantil de Almería
Circulo Mercantil de Almería