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Casa Palacio de Juan Lirola (Council)

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The building of the Provincial Government is a house of the bourgeoisie Almeria, known as house-urban palace, located in the former home of Don Juan Lirola, liberal politician of great influence. 1884 enlargement of the architect Trinidad Cuartara Cassinello should. The original project, 1880, occupied the corner of Catholics and Navarro Rodrigo Reyes.

The building, of great importance, consists of two floors. In its facade to the street Reyes Catholics, the body is organized around a stone rustication I run on a high pedestal, and the second body, made with paramento red brick highlight their windows and balconies clear quarried stone-topped moldings that house in the center reliefs of female heads.

In the corner of Calle Navarro Rodrigo Catholic Monarchs with a characteristic ironwork gazebo (where the curved motifs are mixed with geometric) supported by powerful corbels rises.
Inside, it has a magnificent patio lights, host exhibitions and official events. The building style is part of the eclectic current.

Casa Palacio Juan Lirola de Almería
Casa Palacio Juan Lirola de Almería