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The birth of the railroad in Almería is linked essentially to the extraction of iron ore from the mountains of the interior. an inexpensive transportation is needed to output the ore Alquife (Granada) and the Sierra de los Filabres (Almería) to the Port of Almería. Almería- Guadix The line will open in 1895, and the full line up Linares will be inaugurated on March 14, 1899, allowing the connection of Almería with the rest of the nation.

The old central station building is a beautiful example of Iron Architecture, characteristic of industrial and functional buildings of the second half of the nineteenth century. The iron will prevail over traditional materials (stone and brick) for consistency to support heavy loads and cover large areas. The glass closure walls and roofs, was very appropriate for light and airy constructions.

The main facade, towards the front of the station, responds to a model of pavilion three bodies, the central and principal, built with both symbolic materials of the new architecture being: iron and glass. Creating a huge stained glass window in the entrance to the building as a monumental portico, suitable to receive the almerienses who used the new medium of communication. In the lateral bodies, stone and brick, covered with glazed ceramic is used.

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