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The first Secondary School of Almeria was founded in 1849 at the current site of the School of Arts. This was at the time a much smaller than the current building, and this led to that, students and educational needs increase, D. Francisco Saiz Sanz, director of the center, moved to the current building Street Javier Sanz, who was the old School of Arts and Crafts.

The Institute, built in 1911, and was the site of formation of much of Almeria. In the beginning I had mixed character, until it built which became the Male Institute, Nicolas Salmeron Institute, located in Garden City in 1966.

The students enter through the access of the Rambla, they occupied the third floor and the roof used as playground and gym while the boys occupied the ground floor and the patio.

The building featured a strong cultural tradition, hosting an important library and the first Almeria Archaelogical Museum, installed in two showrooms enabled this feature. Its name comes from the memory of the unforgettable professor Celia Viñas, who was also an important poet, reviving his literary work and his teaching, Almeria postwar cultural life.

The uniqueness of the building, which is part of the historicist current neoacademicismo, is reflected in its main facade: great monumentality, with the use of very characteristic classical elements: pilasters of giant order, high base, cover large, spans large dimensions and monumental staircase to the first floor.

Address: Javier Sanz Street.

Instituto Celia Viñas en Almería
Instituto Celia Viñas en Almería


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