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Plaza Careaga

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Irregular open spaces within the urban fabric of the old town are numerous, and during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries will lead to places where the privileged classes of the population are concentrated, as in the case of “La Plaza Careaga”. Its structure inner courtyard inviting spots.

It owes its name to the Family Careaga, who was in this area its solar house. Juan Ochoa Ortiz de Careaga arrived from Vizcaya with four ships to the War of Granada and later went to people in Almeria. D. Miguel Avis-Venegas and Careaga Marín Benavides four illustrious names of 1489 almeriense historical aristocracy blood of Christian conquerors and Muslim princes, the title of Marquis of Torre Alta and Vizconde de Careaga by Carlos II is created. The famous Arch Street is due to bow Careaga, that connected the house of the Marquises with their barns.

In this square it is “The House of the Marquises of Torre Alta”, designed in 1847, and which highlights the composition on two floors. Its structure fits the general type of bourgeois neoclassical housing, finding in it differentiating elements such as pointed arches classicist tradition, innovative in Almeria.

Plaza Careaga de Almería
Plaza Careaga de Almería