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The old bullring, situated between Murcia, Granada streets (where now stands the “Malecon Jardinillos”) and Circus, near the Rambla, was built in 1849. At the end of the century it became too small and uncomfortable for the needs of the local bourgeoisie, which was increasingly numerous and rich. For this reason, a joint stock company (led by the most representative of the bourgeoisie Almeria), which bought the land for the new square in the “Huerta de los Lopez” at the end of the street Calvary was organized.

The first construction stone was laid on August 13, 1887, celebrated a public ceremony attended by local authorities. The work, led by the two officers architects of the city, Enrique López Rull and Trinidad Cuartara Casinello, completed in July 1888, being the official capacity of 1,054 people Square.

The architecture of the square is eclectic. It consists of a polygonal of twenty sides, three of which are advanced in outgoing bodies, forming Monumental covers access to the entrance of the sun, the principal, and the entry of shade. At the main entrance, there on the keystone of the arch a shield showing the head of a bull with characteristic instruments of the party. In building the Arab influence is seen in the horseshoe arches on the second floor.

Plaza de Toros de Almería
Plaza de Toros de Almería