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Royal Hospital of St. Mary Magdalene and Chapel

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The current Provincial Hospital is one of the oldest buildings preserved until today. It is built on the initiative of Bishop Fray Diego Fernandez de Villalán between 1547 and 1557, taking part in the works Juan de Orea. In the late eighteenth century, its administration, until then controlled by the Church, is replaced by a Governing Board composed of ecclesiastical and civil authorities. On the occasion of the creation of this Board in 1777, some major works are carried out in the building. The courtyard, built in the sixteenth century, rebuilt on the occasion of the works undertaken in the Hospital in the late eighteenth century.

The building highlights its main facade on Hospital Street, a neoclassical door built in 1778. This, is framed between two large Ionic pilasters that support an architrave, frieze, and cornice where an inscription with the name of the hospital and the date. The crown topped a balcony in a curved pediment in the centre of the royal coat of arms is housed. The entire set shows a taste academic transition from Baroque to Neoclassicism.

Address: Hospital Street, 04002 Almería
Phone: 619 103 222
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