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Fco. Rueda López

1834 - 1903

Vocational journalist, prolific writer, Francisco Rueda Lopez carried out an enormous informative and cultural task in La Cronica Meridional, the newspaper with the longest history in Almeria (1860-1936) with 25,000 editions, it is a perfect source to find out the transformations that Almeria suffered in those years.

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Francisco founded the Newspaper and was its owner, director and editor (sometimes completely alone). A man of great temper and progressive ideas, he advocated liberal ideas from his Journal and seriously criticised politicians, for this reason he suffered detentions and persecutions.

Thousands of articles about the most diverse subjects were written by his hand. Francisco also cultivated poetry, festive and humoristic odes, epic odes (as for example the ode to the Coloraos) or of different circumstances that had occurred, included sometimes in only one verse.

Among the hundreds of poems that he wrote, many of them lost, there are examples such as Segunda Palabra que pronuncio Jesus en la Cruz (second word Jesus pronounced on the cross), Agonia (agony) dedicated to Her Majesty Queen Isabel II upon her visit to the City; verses dedicated to Cervantes and an ode in honour of the Coloraos (liberal group that landed to fight the despotism of King Fernando VII). He also wrote drama and comedy Los Celos del Tio Calambre, which he included in his book Secretos de mi Cartera (secrets in my briefcase).

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