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Santiago Church

The church, founded by the Catholic Monarchs in 1494, is included in the parishes in which the city is divided by the Christians.

The building was designed by Juan de Orea under the reign of the Bishop of Fray Diego Fernandez de Villalán, and was constructed between 1553 and 1559. The church, Moorish in style was built in a state of urgency due to political pressure and its construction was due to political pressure of the Christians, was precarious and in need of strengthening. Inside it housed artistic Mudejar armour. But its final structure now corresponds to the Renaissance. The church, which was badly damaged during the Spanish Civil War, destroyed the Mudejar armour and other significant jewels. The temple, declared in 1931 Historical-Artistic Monument of the 16th century, has two doors; the main one that opens to the street Hernán Cortés, and on which the church tower rises, and the side (considered as principal for its architectural) beauty has a beautiful Renaissance decoration which highlights the monumental relief of Santiago Matamoros.

Address: Tiendas Street, 04003 Almería
Phone: 950 237 120
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Iglesia de Santiago en Almería
Iglesia de Santiago en Almería