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Shelters Civil War

The city of Guillermo Langle

A visit, where he will present the work of the municipal famous architect Guillermo Langle Rubio, knowing their most representative historic downtown buildings, noting the styles that prevailed throughout his architectural career: starting with a neo-baroque style, continuing his style regionalist and ending with their hallmark in Almeria architecture: its rationalist style. The tour also included a visit to the War Shelters, work designed by the renowned architect, accessing the underground main gallery recovered that runs along the Paseo de Almeria, nearly 1km. in length and contains within spaces recreated among which the “operating room”.


Shelters Civil War

On this visit, we will talk at length about the network of shelters designed Guillermo Langle Rubio in 1936 and began to run in February 1937. In total there were 4.5km. galleries throughout the city. a tour will be made to the places downtown and nearby where would run the network, the inlet of the shelters after the War designed Langle as kioscospara part of urban facilities and access the only gallery refurbished with entrance will be observed in Plaza Manuel Pérez García.