In urban destinations maximum effort is also being made to ensure that you can go on enjoying all the delights of the city. And we have some sound advice that will help to make your experience even safer.

Visit museums and places of interest safely on your next trip

Continue travelling to urban destinations safely

Find out in advance about the safety measures adopted by the city you’re going to visit, take a look at the recommendations and advice below, and enjoy the best urban destinations as always.

Wearing a face mask is mandatory (except for children under the age of 6) in all enclosed public spaces and enclosed spaces open to the public. It is not mandatory to wear a face mask outside, except at large outdoor events where attendees are standing. Or if when seated it is not possible to maintain the safety distance of 1.5 m (except in the case of members of the same household).

Their use is also mandatory on passenger transport by air, sea and rail (even in stations and on platforms), on public transport, and in private passenger vehicles with up to 9 seats if the occupants are not members of the same household.

1. How to minimise the risk of infection in your accommodation

Before booking, make sure that your chosen hotel follows current safety norms to guarantee your well-being. For greater peace of mind, take care in common areas where you may come across other guests. Whenever possible, we recommend using the stairs rather than the lift. Don’t forget to maintain the safety distance at all times, above all during check-in and check-out. Always wear your face mask, and avoid using objects that are for sharing (magazines, pens, etc.).

2. Take precautions in museums and places of interest

When visiting museums, monuments, or other places of interest, we recommend you check to see whether or not advance booking is required, and when the busiest times are. Once inside, respect the visit routes marked out as these are designed to maintain the safety distance, and avoid sitting on chairs or benches.

3. In bars and restaurants

Find out what rules and restrictions are in place in bars and restaurants at your destination (maximum occupancy levels, opening and closing times, etc.) Furthermore, we advise trying to adapt your mealtimes to coincide with the quietest periods, and always booking in advance, if possible choosing a table on the terrace. By keeping your mask on even while you’re at the table, you’ll be reducing unnecessary risks.

4. Enjoy shows by booking in advance

We advise buying your tickets well in advance, as it could be that occupancy is limited in order to guarantee that the safety distance is maintained. Take care to avoid crowding both when you arrive and when you leave.  And remember to always wear your face mask, and to make frequent use of your hand sanitiser.

5. Travel safely on public transport

Check on the safety regulations in place on public transport to find out if a reduced service or other restrictions are in operation. Furthermore, you can help by using your hand sanitiser before and after your journey, avoiding peak times, and maintaining the safety distance while you’re on board whenever possible. Avoid crowding and take care when getting on and off public transport.

10 tips for enjoying urban destinations safely