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Palace of the Viscounts of Castillo de Almansa

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The gradual spread of academicians ideas in Spain in the second half of the eighteenth century, will have consequences for the development of housing Almeria. The popular and Baroque features, sometimes closely linked, are to be replaced by an aesthetic intellectualism in architecture predominant feature of the historicist current.

That moment of transition is well defined on the facade of the Palace of the Viscounts of Castillo de Almansa, title created in 1773 for the Almeria family of Almansa.
The palace is one of the most important examples of domestic architecture of the city. The palatial home built between 1773 and 1780 approximately.

The facade, with entablature on top, has two floors: the bottom openings regular distribution houses, and the upper, curved balconies topped by pediments and parties, where the family crest is.

Down the street Infanta you access the Provisional Archaeological Museum, with monumental cover of the “Casa de Don Francisco Jover y Tovar”, designed by the municipal architect Cuartara Casinello Trinidad in 1894.

The whole of the Palace of the Viscounts of Castillo de Almansa, and D. Francisco Jover y Tovar, the mayor and chronicler of Almería, belonging to the current Provincial Historic Archive.

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