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Sanctuary of the Virgen del Mar

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Plaza de la Virgen del Mar is a quiet place situated in the historical centre, which is designed in the mid-nineteenth century. It is highlighted by the facade of the Shrine Church of Our Lady of the Sea, popularly known as the “Temple of the Patrona.” The church, run by the Dominican Order, is also known as “Church of Santo Domingo”.

This mendicant Order was founded during the 16th century as the convent of Santo Domingo el Real, occupying the site of the current School of Arts and Crafts. Inside are preserved images of the Church of the Patron Saint, whose polychromed images relate to the 12th-14th centuries which were discovered next to a watchtower on the beaches of Torregarcía in 1502.

The square, with gardens and fountains, has a bust of Father Vallarin placed on a pedestal. This Dominico spent most of his life in Almeria, distinguished by the great campaign and dedication undertaken in the rebuilding of the temple after the Spanish Civil War.

The church, which has two doors of the nineteenth century, was badly damaged during the Spanish Civil War in 1936. After it suffered from fire, it was restored. It houses the Baroque style decor that Jesus of Perceval created, highlighting the dressing room which houses the original image of the patron.

Address: Plaza Virgen del Mar.   04001 Almería.
Phone: 950 237 948

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Iglesia de la Virgen del Mar en Almería
Iglesia de la Virgen del Mar en Almería


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