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The Alcazaba Fortress

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A tour of the most important monument in the city of Almeria which was built during the founding of the city by Abderramán III in 955 (X century).

From the Plaza de la Constitution ancient suburb of the Musalla S. XI of the group will delve into the heart of the Medina pirmitivo which is perched on a hill fortress. The group from the defensive entry will get to know all the monument and the story behind.

In the first exhibition to highlight the restored area and garden ponds preserved as well as the bulwark of the Bulge one of the many viewpoints that the monument has. This enclosure is separated from the second by the wall of the Torre de la Vela, another great vantage point of the fortress. The second exhibition is dedicated to both public and private area Almutasim King, King gave a great cultural splendor to the city in the late eleventh century. the love story between the favorite slave of Almutasim (Galiana) and a Christian captive: in the private area remains Almutasim Private King’s Palace and the Mirador de la Odalisque enclosing a legend is preserved. Monument tour ends at the castle of the Catholic Monarchs, a castle within the Muslim fortress with towers unique and unparalleled view of the city and its port.

We remind you that it is essential to book in advance to attend the tour by calling the Municipal Tourist Office at 950 210 538.

Tiempo de lectura: < 1 minuto