Almeria kitchen, despite ‘fulfill the precepts’ classic Mediterranean, has a unique character. Its particular location, Nexus and Spanish Levante South, gives special items, with points of connection with others, yet unique. One of its bases, common in many of the dishes, is olive oil; other fish, common in coastal locations; warm-weather vegetables, made famous by the province, but it was one of its key elements long before and almond reflection of its past Arabic.
Gurullos de Almería


It is one of the most popular dishes of our cuisine, which can be found in different ways to produce it.


One of the hallmarks of the typical cuisine of Almeria rainy days. The basis of this dish is a semolina.

Garlic Colorao

A dish of mashed potatoes with dried peppers. Its main feature is that it is spiced with ground cumin.


A cover 100% almeriense consisting of a slice of toasted bread, cut on the bias and accompanied by ingredients.


They are used in various stews, the most popular of gurullos with rabbit, cuttlefish, octopus, rabbit or snails.

Chard Esparra …

The esparragadas chard are spoon to a bowl of cold days offering a combination of delicious flavors.

Tenderloin with garlic

A dish in which each ingredient penetrates the heat of the meat with the special touch of garlic.

White garlic

Almeria ajoblanco is a thick cream that contains garlic, bread, ground almonds, water, olive oil and salt.

Cod with tomato

It is one of the most popular dishes of our cuisine, and although you can find different ways to prepare it.