Arabic Wells (water wells)

Almería, in the Muslim period, did not have a water supply network to buildings, making it necessary to raise pillars and fountains. Water supply to Almeria we hear mainly thanks to al-Himyari and al-Udri. According to al-Himyari, Jairán during his reign (1012-1028) was the one who built the water line, and according to al-Udri was during the reign of his successor Zuhayr (1028-1038). In any case, they are traditionally known as Cisterns of Jairán.

What is certain is that a water pipe was built from source area Alhadra to the highest part of the city, Puerta de Pechina (actualPuerta Purchena), building up rain tanks for public use in the eleventh century belonging to Taifa era.

Of these wells, which are currently in Tenor Iribarne street, only three interconnected buildings of 15 x 3.5 m of surface, built of solid bricks and barrel vaults are preserved.

The volume of stored water was 630,000 liters, enough to supply the city in a long siege, since it had also the existence of wells to wells and irrigation ditches amount.


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