Spanish Guitar Museum

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The Spanish Guitar Museum ‘Antonio de Torres’ is an exhibition and informative centre permitting the visitors to get to know in a pleasant and simple way the principal elements of one of the most popular instruments in the whole world, the guitar.

The most widely played and manufactured instrument in the history of world music originates from the hands of its ultimate pioneer, the luthier Antonio de Torres, considered the father of the contemporary guitar.

Situated in the historic centre of Almeria, south of the Cathedral, the Guitar Museum has three floors with three fundamental spaces that are divided in 11 exhibit rooms:

The ground floor where one can find the visitor reception and five exhibit rooms where the guitar is displayed through art, the history of the guitar, the workshop of luthier Antonio de Torres and the birth of the modern guitar, Almeria in the age of Antonio de Torres, and the Towers of the World.

On the first floor, one can observe a permanent exhibition divided in a guitar gallery, a didactic room, as well as an interactive and listening room.

Last, the basement of the museum houses temporary exhibitions and is also used for presentations and press conferences.


Tiempo de lectura: < 1 minutos