Guitar Museum ” Antonio de Torres’

Guitar Museum ” Antonio de Torres’

What is Guitar Museum?

The Museum of Spanish Guitar ‘Antonio de Torres’ is more than a museum space, an exhibition and information center that will allow visitors to learn in a fun and easy way primary keys of one of the most popular musical instruments around the world as is the guitar.

The most played and produced in the history of world music instrument comes from the hand of its maximum precursor, the lutierAntonio Torres, considered the father of contemporary guitar.

Therefore, among the objectives of this project the Culture of the City of Almería as the main driving force behind the same aims that visitors actively participate in the museum itself and, by extension, in the cultural life of the city of Almeria.

The Museum offers participants much more than a simple succession of pieces, it is a surprising, relevant, educational, interactive and attractive cultural space, open to the public and visitors.

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