Strolling through the streets of Almeria is walk through its history. It was the Roman Portus and the Caliphate of Cordoba Magnus. After the Christian era, the bourgeois revival or the typical constructions of the postwar hand municipal architect Guillermo Langle … Almería presented as a city full of relics intermingled in its urban fabric.

visitas guiadas centro historico uai - Turismo Almería

Historic Centre

Tour of the historic city centre. During the tour the guide will travel from its origins as a Muslim city and the…


la alcazaba de almeria turismo uai - Turismo Almería

The Alcazaba Fortress

A tour of the most important monument in the city of Almeria which was built during the founding of the city by…


visitas guiadas la lonja almeria turismo uai - Turismo Almería

The Lonja

Almería is a seafaring city par excellence, he was born thanks to the port and as such has fishing tradition. On this…


visitas guiadas almeria misteriosa turismo uai - Turismo Almería


Visit in which we travel the historic center of our city to know some of the legends that are passed down from…


visitas guiadas teatralizadas almeria turismo uai - Turismo Almería

Visits dramatized

Visits are organized on special occasions like Valentine’s, Christmas, July and August, etc. where through characters…


visitas guiadas gastronomia turismo almeria uai - Turismo Almería

Cuisine of Almería

Visit in which the typical cuisine of Almería, its succulent “tapas” and containing more tradition known: chérican,…


visitas guiadas calles y personajes turismo almeria uai - Turismo Almería

Characters and streets of Almería

Behind the name of the streets of Almeria a character related to its history hides. On each visit they go touring parts…


visitas guiadas refugios guillermo langle turismo almeria uai - Turismo Almería

Shelters Civil War

The city of Guillermo Langle A visit, where he will present the work of the municipal famous architect Guillermo Langle…


visitas guiadas los millares almeria turismo uai - Turismo Almería

The Millares

Visit the most important worldwide of the Copper Age site, which include its line of walls and burial. Next to the…