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Taking Almeria by the Catholic Monarchs in 1489marca the beginning of his career as a Christian city. The first inhabited area occupied Almedina -the ancient medina, abandoned during the sixteenth century and the western half of the old suburb of the Musalla, area, protected from new walls, ultimately would be the heart of Almería Modern age. highlights of his new identity elements are: the Gothic castle built inside the Alcazaba, the cathedral, the establishment of parish churches, chapels and monasteries that sacralized the urban space and na number of civil buildings that have failed to reach US.

The cathedral-fortress is a beautiful set started from 1525, with Renaissance Gothic temple covers and neoclassic cloister and work of the late eighteenth century. This construction came to replace the original cathedral headquarters installed in the largest mosque in whose lot the church of San Juan is located.

Other examples of religious architecture are: the parish of Santiago (s XVI.), San Pedro “old” -today church of Esclavas- (s XVII.) And San Sebastian (ss XVII-XVIII.) And monastery of the Immaculate Conception (ss XVI-XVIII.) and former convent of Santo Domingo -Sanctuary of the Virgen de Mar (s XVI.) the School of Arts (eighteenth century) – San Francisco -current parish of San Pedro – (s XIX.) and Santa Clara (s XVIII.).

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Tiempo de lectura: < 1 minuto